Boarding Tips For A Shy And Timid Cat

If you have a very shy, timid cat, you may be worried about going away and leaving him or her at a boarder. The idea of putting such a nervous creature in a loud, unfamiliar space just so you can get away a while may even seem a bit harsh. However, there are ways to make boarding a lot easier on a shy kitty so that you can actually enjoy your time away rather than spending it worried that your fine feline is having a panic attack.

Choose a cat-only facility.

There are boarding facilities that board both cats and dogs, and while they may be okay for a more sociable cat, they tend to be overwhelming environments for more timid personalities. Look instead for a facility that specializes in cat boarding and that only boards cats. You won't have to worry about your pet being intimidating by big, barking dogs -- and you also know that the employees are used to dealing with cats, specifically.

Request a larger private space.

Many cat boarding facilities offer a couple of different space options. You can choose a smaller, cage-type accommodation, or a larger abode that has some more unique toys and more space. The larger space is a better choice for a shy cat since there will be more places for them to hide, and also because the other cats won't be a close by. If there is a choice, you also want to choose a space closer to the windows. Shy cats often like to stare out the windows as it helps distract them from what makes them nervous indoors.

Send some calming sprays.

Shy cats are often shy because they are nervous and scared -- and their shyness is how they deal with these emotions. You can calm down a scared, shy kitty with a spritz of calming spray. These are usually herb-based, so they are healthy and safe, and you can find them at most pet stores. Send a bottle to the boarder so the employees can spray it on your cat's furniture and cage area to keep him or her calmer.

Send your own food, bowls, toys, etc.

Send as many of your cat's own things to the boarder as possible. The more elements are familiar to your cat, the easier time he or she will have relaxing into the space and feeling more comfortable. The smell will remind your cat of home.

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