Ensure That Your Cat Is Taken Care Of While You Are Traveling Overseas

If you are going to be traveling overseas and plan to be gone for a few weeks, ensuring that your cat is taken care of while you are gone and receives attention on a consistent basis may be at the top of your list of priorities. The following suggestions may be of use to you when deciding who will be watching over your pet:

Bring Your Pet To A Boarding Facility

A pet boarding facility will provide your pet with a unit that is separated from other sleeping quarters and that is enclosed with a fence and gate so that your pet won't be at risk of running off and becoming lost. Many boarding facilities provide tours to new clients and will allow you to bring your cat along so that you can attempt to get your pet used to the new surroundings. If your cat enjoys playing with specific toys or is comfortable sleeping in a pet bed, you can drop the items off at the boarding facility with your pet prior to departing overseas.

Pet caregivers will groom and play with your cat and will do their best to make sure that your cat remains comfortable during their stay. Be sure to advise staff of special dietary needs that your pet requires or any allergies or underlying medical conditions.

Hire A Pet Sitter

Search for a pet sitter through classified ads and schedule a meeting with each potential caregiver. Observe how each person interacts with your pet and ask each pet sitter how long they have been caring for pets and if they have any references that they would be willing to provide you with. A pet sitter is a person who will come to your home at pre-scheduled times and will feed your cat and tidy up the areas that your pet spends time in.

You can request that a sitter stays at your home for a couple hours so that your pet does not feel lonely due to lack of companionship. A pet sitter may also be willing to collect mail, water plants, and take out the household trash while you are out of town. 

Ask A Family Member Or Friend To Stay At Your Home

If one of your family members or a close friend lives near you and has a lot of free time, they may be willing to stay at your home while you are away. If the person who you choose is used to spending time with your cat, your pet will be comfortable while that person stays at your home. By deciding to have someone stay at your home, you will not need to worry about your home becoming a target for an intruder due to your residence appearing to be abandoned. 

No matter who you choose to watch your pet, feel free to contact the caregiver regularly while you are out of town to check on your pet's status. Also, provide a caregiver with contact information so that they can call you if they have any questions or concerns.

Contact a company like Cat Care Clinic for more information and assistance.