3 Excellent Reasons To Purchase A Yorkie Puppy For Sale

If you are in the market for a puppy, then you should start off by researching the different dog breeds. This can help you to get a pretty good idea about what dog breeds there are and which ones you feel are a good match for you. One type of dog that you should definitely look into during your research is a Yorkshire terrier. Yorkies are small dogs that have a gorgeous tan and gray long-haired coat. This article will discuss 3 excellent reasons to purchase yorkie puppies for sale

They Don't Shed

One excellent reason to choose a yorkie puppy over another dog breed is the fact that they don't shed. Dealing with dog hair all over your house can be quite frustrating and it is something that most people want to avoid, if at all possible. A yorkie is hypoallergenic, meaning its hair is not like normal dog hair and it doesn't carry the same dander and have the same shedding qualities. It will instead be more like human hair and a piece or two will only fall out every now and again, just as human hair does. You can choose to let your yorkie's hair grow long, or you can keep it cut short. Just keep in mind that it is very important that you either groom your yorkie yourself or have them groomed professionally on a regular basis. 

They Are Very Loyal

If you get a yorkie as your own personal dog, they will be very loyal of you. Like most other small dogs, they don't realize just how small they are, so they have no problem protecting you from anything and everything. You will feel very much like they are your dog and would do anything for you. This type of companionship and love from a dog is a wonderful thing and it helps to create a very strong bond between the two of you from the get-go. 

They Are The Perfect Apartment Dog 

If you know that you won't have a great deal of space to work with when it comes to housing your dog, such as a small apartment, then a yorkie puppy will be perfect for you. Because yorkies are so small, they don't require very much room. They also don't need to be walked very far, so if you live on the top story of an apartment complex and take them for short walks each day, they will be just fine.