Heading Out For Vacation? 3 Tips For Getting Your Dog Ready For Boarding

You love your dog and prefer to take them everywhere you go. Unfortunately, your upcoming vacation involves travel plans that are not pooch-friendly. The good news is that you have found a reputable kennel, and you even look forward to hearing about your dog's adventures while you are away. After all, spending some time around other dogs is one of your pet's favorite things to do. Before you head out for vacation, use these tips to make sure that your dog is ready for boarding at the kennel:

Schedule a Checkup

Kennels all have specific requirements that must be met before your dog is allowed to stay such as having certain vaccinations that prevent the spread of disease. Knowing that your pet is free of any illness also gives you peace of mind before you are several hundred miles away. Take your dog to their veterinarian, and let them know that you need a pre-boarding exam that ensures that your pet is healthy enough to stay with other animals for a few days.

Inform the Kennel of Any Special Needs

Veterinarians often prescribe medications for dogs to treat conditions such as seizures, or your dog may require a special kind of food if they have allergies. Make sure to tell the kennel about any special needs your dog has before you drop your pet off. This way, they can tell you how to pack and label essential items such as their medicine so that the caregivers know how to give the appropriate dosage. If your pet has other special needs such as a fear of thunder, then also let the staff know. This helps them understand what is happening if your dog exhibits unusual behavior.

Try a Short Visit

Dogs can experience anxiety just like humans, and giving them a chance to meet the staff allows them to acclimate to the new situation faster. Ask to bring your dog in for a short visit a few days before you plan to leave for your trip. During this visit, stick close by, and show your dog that you are comfortable with everyone you meet. Not only does this help your dog adjust, but it also allows you to board your dog with greater confidence.

Getting ready to leave your dog at a kennel before a long vacation requires a little preparation. After all, you are leaving a valuable member of your family behind. By making sure that your dog is healthy and their away bag is stocked with everything they need to be comfortable, you can enjoy your vacation while knowing that your dog will be in excellent health when you return.

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