How To Find A Good Boarding Facility For Your Cat

If you are planning to visit family for the holidays, then you need to make arrangements for your cat. It is popular belief that cats can stay alone with a supply of food and water. Unfortunately, things can go wrong. Your pet can suffer a medical emergency or a fire can occur at your home.

However, you should never leave a pet for days in a resident without supervision. Read on to find out how to find a good boarding facility for your cat.

Take A Tour

If you want to use cat boarding services, then you must choose a quality facility. You have to consider your cat feelings because your pet has to stay there. Pets are usually put in a cage. They are surrounded by unfamiliar animals, sounds, smells, and sights. This new environment can cause your pet stress levels to elevate. You can determine how secure the facility is by taking a tour.

Some facilities have cat areas that include condos with hiding places and elevated areas. You have to consider the sensitivity of your cat's senses and tour the kennel from your pet's point of view.

Observe The Noise Levels

Cats are stressed easily by loud sounds. It puts your pet at risk for noise distress; this results in your cat refusing to eat and possibly developing ulcers. When you are touring the facility, you need to observe the noise level. A bad sign is dogs barking in the next room. You want to book cat boarding that just houses cats or with a quiet room for that specific breed of animal.

Check The Smell

You want to leave your pet at a great smelling facility. It helps when the cattery does not use materials that do not absorb odor. You also want to consider ventilation, which is very important in small spaces. Boarding facilities have to make sure their animals get a constant supply of clean air. They also have to make sure that cats do not smell each others' odor as much.

Cats that live together form a familiar group scent. If you bring in a new cat, then it is an insult to the existing cats. The new pet smells funny to the group and they may react negatively.

You have to understand that a cat is not a low maintenance version of a dog. Taking in any animal is a big responsibility. If you are going to be away from home, then you have to make arrangements for your pet's care.