Pomeranians Make Great Family Pets

If you are looking to add a fuzzy family member to your family, then you should think about making that fuzzy new family member be a Pomeranian puppy. There are plenty of great things about the Pomeranian breed, and you can read up on some of the wonderful things they have to offer your family here.

Pomeranians are easy to fit in any home

While it is fine to keep a small dog in a large house, it's not so easy to fit a large dog in a small house. Pomeranians are a smaller breed of dog, and this means you can happily keep a Pomeranian in your home no matter how big or small your home is.

Pomeranians travel easily

Again, the smaller size of the Pomeranian breed makes them easy to travel with, even if you have a compact car. Most Pomeranians like to go with their families for car rides. Pomeranians also have personalities that make them a pleasure to have in the car. Having a St. Bernard in your small car may not work out well. Not only will they take up much of the room, but they will also fling large slobber everywhere, and if they try to get on the seat beside you, there will be a lot of commotion going on while you are trying to drive. If they try to squish next to you, they are so big they can even cause you to have a hard time steering. Pomeranians fit right in any car and are generally happy sitting in a doggy bed and staring out the window.

Pomeranians go on vacation easily

Another thing about Pomeranians that you want to learn about if you like to go on long road trips is, they are also easy to travel with. More hotels are starting to accept small dogs, but some of them are still not keen on allowing huge dogs in the hotel. If you drive in an RV, then it's also going to be easier for you to find a small area to dedicate as theirs. Put their bed and food and water dishes where you want them, and they will be happy on the road.

Pomeranians are loyal

Pomeranians also tend to be loyal to their family. They aren't always known for being friendly to strangers. In order to make them accepting of strangers, you want to socialize them early. However, they will be loyal to their family, and this means you won't have to worry as much about them running away, because they will want to stay by you. In fact, most Pomeranians don't even like to leave their owner's sides.

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