Why Buy A Bernedoodle?

A bernedoodle is a novelty dog breed that has popularity among many people. This type of dog, which is a cross between a Bernese mountain dog and a standard poodle, is a beautiful dog breed that has a unique appeal in its appearance as well as an overall sunny and family-friendly demeanor. This type of dog can be healthy so long as it comes from a reputable breeder and is a great addition to your home.

The bernedoodle is not a registered or "true" dog breed but rather a custom, novelty dog pet. There are many dog breeds out there, but the bernedoodle holds a certain appeal that other breeds may not. Why buy a bernedoodle? Here are reasons to consider this type of dog.

You get many color options

The Bernese mountain dog comes in a variety of colors and usually has black, brown or tan, and white in its design. The standard poodle also comes in a variety of solid colors, such as gray, white or cream, brown, black, or even tan. You have many color options for choosing a bernedoodle, including tri-color.

You get many sizes

The standard poodle is usually used in the makeup of the bernedoodle, but if you have a smaller home or you don't want to think about getting a medium- or large-sized dog, then you will want to consider the miniature bernedoodle instead. This smaller dog will fit better in your home while still offering many of the benefits of your classically larger bernedoodle. You can compare your breed options with your bernedoodle breeder to see what will work best for your needs.

You get many care and temperament perks

In general, the temperament of the bernedoodle is considered to be pleasant and happy. The bernedoodle itself is a charming creature that likes to be social and requires little grooming. If you want an easier household pet that will get along with many of your other animals and give you years of enjoyment, consider the bernedoodle.

You want a dog that will give you many perks. The right dog will be able to bring you joy and will be a pleasant addition to the household while contributing much to your family. Speak to your family vet or dog breeder about any general health concerns and care this type of dog needs, as well as how to give your bernedoodle the best life.

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