Why Many Choose The Golden Retriever

Choosing a dog is something you want to put a lot of thought into. When you choose a dog that is a breed that's compatible with your family, your lifestyle, and your home, you'll end up with amazing results. You'll have a dog that becomes a part of the family and that brings you many rewards, hopefully for many years to come. A lot of families have chosen Golden Retrievers as their dogs of choice because they feel that this breed is a good fit for them. If you are leaning this way as well, then you'll be interested in learning more about this breed of dog. Here are some of the reasons Golden Retrievers are cherished by so many.

They are beautiful

Golden Retrievers are great-looking dogs. They have soft golden coats that are great in appearance and also pleasant to touch. They also have what many people describe as caring eyes, a muzzle that fits their face nicely, and a sporty build that's not thin or bulky. In short, the beautiful appearance of Golden Retrievers is part of what makes them a highly-sought-after addition to many homes that are looking for a furry friend or two.

They are smart

While all dogs can learn a few tricks, not all of them tend to be as intelligent as Golden Retrievers. Members of this breed are highly intelligent dogs that also love to please their owners. When you combine these two traits together, you end up with a dog that learns tricks and jobs easily. This is one of the reasons why Golden Retrievers are often used as "professional" dogs, meaning that they can do things like being a seeing-eye dog or as a therapy dog. Their intelligence also comes in handy when they are put to use for the reason in which they were originally bred, and that is to be hunting dogs. The retriever is a fowl-hunting dog that has been bred to retrieve the fowl that the hunter shoots.

They are athletic

Golden Retrievers are athletic dogs that are both agile and full of energy. This is one of the reasons they are often seen doing agility courses or playing frisbee with their owners. People who live active lifestyles like this breed because the dog can keep up with them while they run or ride their bike. Also, families with kids often like that the Golden Retriever can match their kid's energy level.

If you're interested in these benefits, contact a dog shelter or other provider of American Golden Retriever puppies near you.