Important Things to Start Doing When Your Maltipoo Puppy Is Young

Maltipoo puppies are little, fuzzy bundles of joy. When you first get your pup home, you'll want to spend a lot of time just snuggling with them and loving them. However, if you want your dog to grow up happy, confident, and easy to handle, you need to make sure you also do these things like your Maltipoo is young.

1. Brush their coat.

Maltipoos tend to have pretty long coats, and they are prone to tangles in you do not brush them often. Your puppy's coat may not seem like it needs brushing yet. However, you should still practice brushing your puppy when he or she is young. This way, your pup will get used to the brushing and won't mind it when they are older. If your puppy is initially a bit skittish about being brushed, just go slow. Do a stroke or two, and then give them a little treat. The next day, do a little more, and the day after that, a little more still. Make sure you're using a soft brush, too.

2. Bathe them.

Maltipoos also need periodic baths to keep them clean and to keep their smell under control. They do tend to have a lot of body odor, as do many smaller dogs. You don't want to bathe your puppy so often that their skin dries out, but you do want to get them used to being in the water when they are young. You can just set them in the bath and run a little water over them from time to time. Give them treats and praise as you do so since this will help them think positively about baths.

3. Introduce them to strangers.

Maltipoos naturally form close bonds with their owners and family members. But they are not naturally as adept at interacting well with strangers. If you get your puppy used to seeing a lot of other people when they are young, though, they will tend to develop with better social skills. Consider having a different friend come over to visit each week, and make sure that when they come, they offer the puppy praise and treats. Once he or she is vaccinated, take your puppy to places like the pet store and the dog park, allowing them to meet plenty of people during each experience.

If you raise your Maltipoo puppy well, they'll develop into a really wonderful dog who is easy to bathe, brush, and socialize. If you're ready to adopt, contact services like Puppy Heaven.