Why Your Pond Requires Regular Maintenance

If you have just moved into a new area and your home has a pond, then you may be over the moon. Ponds are, after all, such a beautiful natural resource that can bring a lot of joy to your family and can allow for so many interesting activities and wildlife sightings. Ponds are an important part of their ecosystem, but that also means that it is very important that you keep up with your pond maintenance schedule, and if you don't know what that is you need to talk to a pond care expert as soon as you possibly can.

Keep Invasive Species At Bay

Ponds can be corrupted by outside influences if they are allowed to flourish, and these invasive species can kill a lot of the natural plant and animal life in your pond. A lot of the time this comes in the form of algae which smothers the life out of once healthy ponds until they no longer even slightly resemble their own self. If you notice any kind of algae scum starting to build up on the surface or any other tell-tale sign of algae, then you need to address it right away with a professional.

Make Sure The Water Is At The Right pH Level

One of the main services that a pond maintenance expert provides is ensuring that your water is actually viable for the entire ecosystem that uses it. If you have fish in your pond this becomes even more important, especially if you consider them as pets and want to look after them. There are many things that can cause the pH level to fluctuate in a pond, which is why you need a regular maintenance schedule, so that any issues are picked up before they become critical. If you haven't had your pond checked since you moved in, you need to change that quickly.

Leak Detection

Another common problem with man-made ponds is leakage, which can slowly but surely drain even the largest ponds if you aren't careful. Most man-made ponds use a lining of some sort to keep the water in place, and if that lining tears or develops a leak of some kind then it can empty out over the course of a couple weeks. Regular maintenance will pick up this issue before it becomes major, but if you do spot your water level dipping then you need to schedule an emergency pond care check-up to deal with that before your beautiful pond disappears. 

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